EIfI-Tech’s Erasmus+ VET-TEDD project makes front page news

EIfI-Tech’s Erasmus+ VET-TEDD project makes front page news

This August, EIfI-Tech’s latest Erasmus Plus project, VET-TEDD, made front page news in the widely distributed Scottish publication, The Herald. Vocational Education and Training Teachers and Embracing the Digital Disruption (VET-TEDD) is a 30-month project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus Plus programme with the goal to ensure teachers and lecturers are not left behind in the rapidly changing demands of an increasingly digital economy.

“The way students learn is changing and traditional teaching methods are no longer relevant in many areas,” explains lead partner Stuart McDowall, Head of Innovation and STEM at the City of Glasgow College, in the national news article. He goes on to outline the college’s reasoning behind being apart of this exciting and innovative EU-funded project: “We wanted to look at how to further engage students to enhance their learning. This project arose out of our awareness that the needs of industry and the challenges facing our students are continually changing.”

The Herald explains that the ambitious project will increase the use of staff self-assessment to better identify gaps and develop the new skills necessary to use digital tools in the classroom as well in the job market. The VET-TEDD self-assessment tool being developed within the project allows teachers and lecturers to measure their own competence in key areas; i.e. professional engagement, learning and teaching and education in the digital world, and so on. The tool has been developed based on the key competences required by teachers and tutors to maximise the use of digital tools, and the results of the assessment can be exported and used to shape your professional development plans, training plans or even just to see where you need to improve. The project will produce six learning programmes and a series of case studies as well.

The article comes to a close with a powerful quote from lead partner Stuart McDowall: “[VET-TEDD] is about debunking myths, building confidence and making digital technology more accessible to those who do not use it, helping everyone to meet the changing demands of students and industry.’’ Here, McDowall highlights a key theme here: accessibility, as the project aims to do just that — close knowledge gaps and increase opportunities for vocational education and training teachers, lecturers and students of various backgrounds across Europe.

For more information on the VET-TEDD project and partnership, visit the VET-TEDD website at www.vet-tedd.eu/en/.

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