EIfI-Tech introduces the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project

EIfI-Tech introduces the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project

EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project Press Release


A new European project, EMIC-GEM, aiming to modernise the delivery of off-site and modular construction education and training has recently been launched at a kick-off meeting in Glasgow.

Off-site and modular methods of construction (OSM), used in different ways across Europe, have proven to be cleaner, safer and more productive than traditional building methods. As OSM is also capable of providing affordable housing stock, there is a need to now move from traditional to modern methods of construction, and therefore training.

Funded by the Erasmus Plus programme, Embracing Modular Innovation in Construction – Getting Education Modernised (EMIC-GEM), is led by City of Glasgow College together with partners from Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the UK. The European project will run until February 2022 and have a total budget of €312,936.

Linus Reichenbach, Project Manager for STEM & Innovation at City of Glasgow College, explains the objectives and goals of the project:  

“This project aims to transform delivery of OSM construction advanced vocational education and training. An innovative training model and competency framework will share best practices and approaches in order to benchmark educator training. Key processes will be digitalised while an emphasis will be placed on decarbonising activity, improving energy and resource efficiency, workplace safety and diversification of the workforce.”

The EU construction sector makes up nearly 9% of the whole EU GDP and provides 18 million direct jobs. However, the industry faces many major challenges including improving energy and resource efficiency, adopting digitalisation and innovative technologies, and developing specialised educational training to respond to labour skill gaps.

By February 2022, the objectives of the EMIC-GEM project are to:

  • Develop a ground-breaking training model and competency framework based on a preliminary review of the EU landscape in OSM construction;
  • Engage around 2000 individual learners;
  • Provide open online educational resources (co-designed and co-delivered by partners) to support AVET practitioners, including joint teacher and webinars, available in the languages of the represented partner nations;
  • Raise awareness of the adoption of OSM construction practices, particularly among SMEs and micro businesses.


This last objective is not secondary if we consider that up to 95% of construction, architecture, and civil engineering firms are SMEs or micro-enterprises. In this sectoral context, the need for a paradigm shift from traditional to modern methods of construction has never been greater. Investing in a transnational network of professionals offers the opportunity to accelerate a pan-European response to the education and skilling needs of the construction industry.

Work on the first intellectual output of EMIC-GEM, the development of a Training Model & Competency Framework has been started during the kick-off meeting on the 24th and 25th of October with the aim of finishing work on this before the next meeting in Maribor in March 2020. During the development of this framework the project team will start to engage with local businesses who are leaders in off-site and modular methods of construction.


The EMIC-GEM partners at the kick-off meeting in October 2019 at the City of Glasgow College


Project Consortium

  1. City of Glasgow College (United Kingdom)
  2. Višja Strokovna šola Academia (Slovenia)
  3. CPU Center za Poslovno Usposabljanje (Slovenia)
  4. Landesberufsschule Pinkafeld (Austria)
  5. European Institute for Innovation-Technology (Germany)
  6. Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum (Germany)
  7. CIFP Construccion Bizkaia (Spain)
  8. Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (United Kingdom)



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