Second Transnational Meeting for the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project

Second Transnational Meeting for the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ Project

On the 5th and 6th of March 2020, the EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ consortium convened virtually for the second transnational meeting of the project. Unable to convene personally in Maribor, Slovenia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, partners met in two well-structured workshop sessions with the intentions to finish the development of Training Model and Competency Framework (IO1), make a start on the development of 8 courses (IO2), drive forward work on online platform, external communication and branding (IO3), and update on budget and project management (PM).


The first day, after initial greetings, the session focused on activities surrounding the training model and competency framework, including a presentation of the findings of lead partner during their surveys and desk research. Following the presentation was an interactive workshop session, in which partners were split into small groups to better communicate and address next steps and actions in regards to the development of the training model and competency framework. The second session of the day allowed partners to delve deeper into defining the course programme. This was again structured as a presentation from the lead of this second intellectual output of the project, followed by an interactive session.


Day two of the virtual transnational meeting allowed for an update on the website development as well as a discussion around project communication, and finally a general update on project management. The project management session provided information regarding budget, time sheets, etc., and was concluded by setting actions for the next period. The EMIC-GEM consortium convenes monthly to follow up on particular actions highlighted in the transnational meetings and workshops in order to ensure project success.


The EMIC-GEM consortium

The EMIC-GEM Erasmus+ project is led by the City of Glasgow College (United Kingdom) together with seven partners from five different countries. The partners are: Višja Strokovna šola Academia (Slovenia), CPU Center za Poslovno Usposabljanje (Slovenia), Landesberufsschule Pinkafeld (Austria), European Institute for Innovation-Technology (Germany), Holzbau Baden-Württemberg Bildungszentrum (Germany), CIFP Construccion Bizkaia (Spain) and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (United Kingdom).



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