The HySkills partnership in paving the way Skills Development for Hydrogen Safety

The HySkills partnership in paving the way Skills Development for Hydrogen Safety

South West College (UK – Lead Partner) and Dublin City University (Ireland), both Renewable Engine International Stakeholder Group (ISG) members, along with The European Insitute for Innovation – Technology (EIfI-Tech), The University of Tromsø (The Arctic University – Norway) and PROMEA (the Hellenic Society for the Promotion of Research and Development Methodologies – Greece)  have formed a partnership to develop a modular training course enhanced with practical training focused on the subject of green hydrogen (H2) safety skills. The ISG consists of international experts from across industry and academia within the Renewable Energy sector that provide top-level strategic direction to the Renewable Engine programme, while also identifying opportunities for exploitation of hydrogen.

Given current policy targets in the UK and in Europe, it is imperative to develop an all-encompassing long-term approach to deliver the green skills that will enable industry and society to decarbonise. Green hydrogen, the clean sustainable energy vector will require such new skills. As new green hydrogen technologies (and associated systems) are adopted there must be a fully equipped workforce in place with the ability to work with hydrogen in a critically safe manner.

Hydrogen research and discovery is already underway within EIfI-Tech. Working closely with the industry partners, current research themes relate to the feasibility of green hydrogen adoption in addition to considerations for implementing the transition to green hydrogen utilisation through the improvement in H2 skills, which shall be a focus of the HySkills project.

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