First Infographic Report finalised within the Erasmus+ 21st Century Students project

First Infographic Report finalised within the Erasmus+ 21st Century Students project

In the past few months within the Erasmus+ 21st Century Students project, EIfI-Tech has attended a Steering Group Meeting (March 2021),  in addition to the monthly project management calls that are held to ensure effective project implementation. It was through these meetings that EIfI-Tech has communicated and cooperated with the partnership virtually in an effort to finalise the project’s infographic report.

A task overseen by EIfI-Tech and a main focus of the work in this period was the 21st Century Students IO1 (T3) Infographic Report, which summarises the fundamental ‘Industry 4.0 skills’ required for future STEM employees in the contemporary manufacturing sector. More specifically, the infographic report is based on the data collection – through questionnaires developed by EIfI-Tech and conducted with 120 industry leaders across six EU countries – to determine the primary Industry 4.0 skills/competencies and techniques required by the future talent pipeline to support the next generation of the fourth industrial revolution, as laid out in the Methodology Guidelines.

The infographic report provides visually engaging content for stakeholders to understand the digitally-led manufacturing skills required to support the sector to navigate and succeed in this new landscape. Ultimately, the data collection conducted by the partnership and overseen by EIfI-Tech will ensure the pedagogical resources designed for the ‘Learner Academy’ are demand-led and guided by the latest industry thinking.

For more information on the Industry 4.0 skills of the future, contact Chris Ashe, Director – EIfI-Tech.



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