Talentjourney Final Conference

Talentjourney Final Conference

This Friday, 15th of October, EIfI-Tech shall present their findings on “Skills Data Collection for IIOT & Smart Manufacturing” through the EU Erasmus+ Talentjourney project.

In a nutshell, EIfI-Tech shall present their findings from their reports conducted within the scope of Talenjourney — Report ‘’Skills Data collection for IIOT & Smart Manufacturing’’; Report ‘’Sustainability of data collection methodology’’; Report ‘’Ideation of the transnational joint curricula’’. The findings of these reports conclude that to address future skills gaps in smart manufacturing, Talentjourney must move in the direction of establishing a digital skills anticipation system built upon a common set of transnational key performance indicators (KPIs) and databases, which can directly feed the Talentjourney platform through API connections.

The final conference of the project shall take place via Zoom from 13:00 to 16:30 CET and is open to all stakeholders involved in VET education.


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Download the agenda below:

Talentjourney Final Conference Agenda

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