The EIfI-Tech Network

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The International EIfI-Tech Network


The European Institute for Innovation – Technology works on a variety of international projects, merging technical innovation with economic deployment. Thus, the EIfI-Tech is known for its work with innovation and entrepreneurs, with the goal of shortening the connection with industry and academia partners.


Through its broad networks, EIfI-Tech continues to build up regional connections to early stage business proposals in RIS3 sectors in a variety of contexts. The EIfI-Tech operational team manages the delivery of project work programmes working in partnership with national and international agencies, learning institutions, the private sector and people – the so-called “Quadruple Helix”.


The ever-expanding international EIfI-Tech partnership aims to embody this Quadruple Helix approach on an international scale, which is focused on but is in no way limited to European development.



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Benefits of EIfI-Tech Membership


For a local authority – or for any private or public entity – taking part in local, regional, national and transnational projects offers many opportunities: an effective way for you to develop and implement ideas, to discuss them with partners from other cultural backgrounds, learn alternative ways to solve problems, market your organisation internationally, and make valuable networks & contacts. It may even be a way for organisations to fund aspirations. Working together with other partners from different thematic or cultural background can save money and time, to concentrate directly on the individual tasks of an local authority, university, or for any private or public entity.


The above sounds easy – however, tender proposals or state aid often use complex language which is time-consuming, if not familiar and often can be an intimidating task for inexperienced individuals & organisations. The European Institute for Innovation – Technology and its stakeholders could support your organisation along the various stages of project preparation, from its initial concept through to its approval. Since its inception, the European Institute for Innovation – Technology has worked in different thematic and strategic networks and offers the ideal and most suitable access to funding programs and national/European decision makers.


Contact us

Chris Ashe (Director)

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