Energy is the key of economic growth, due to this fact the consumption of electricity has to be perfectly matched with the generation of electricity, at any moment in time. This balance is essential in all electricity grids to uphold a stable and safe electricity supply.


Energy storage is one way to deal with fluctuations in demand and generation. Much of the EIfI-Tech work in energy storage deals with specific and intelligent ways of combining different state of the art technologies for saving electric energy. Merging modern technologies such as Power-to-Gas, efficient battery storage and smart grids into one effective system opens new ways of storing fluctuating energy in an efficient way.


Due to the importance of Energy in our modern society the EIfI-Tech is also concerned with activity in applied research, feasibility, testing, development, demonstration and supporting deployment of innovative technology in order to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.


The EIfI-Tech uses its expertise to support the implementation of efficient renewable energy resources, to build knowledge in low emission technologies and to support the development of forward-thinking  policy to back the EU leaders commitment to transform Europe into a highly energy-efficient and low carbon economy.


Much of the EIfI-Tech work on CO2 reduction has dealt with specific problems of communities, municipalities and regions which required support to implement measures to decrease CO2 emissions.


Furthermore the EIfI-Tech is actively working on the development of an affordable zero emission housing market.


The EIfI-Tech is excited with future challenges and enjoys working in collaboration with partners during the transition from fossil dependency to a Europe that leads the globe in energy conversion.