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Industry is one of the pillars of the European economy – the manufacturing sector in the EU accounts for 2 million enterprises, 33 million jobs and 60% of productivity growth (2018). We are facing a new industrial revolution, driven by new-generation information technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing and big data, which will open opportunities for the manufacturing sector to apply efficient processes and to foster innovation. In 2016, the European Commission launched the first industry-related initiative of the Digital Single Market consisting of the following 5 pillars: policy instruments, financial support, cross-border coordination through strategic partnerships and networks, legislation to foster investments and creation of framework conditions for the digital industrial revolution.

In this context, the Erasmus+ project, Talentjourney, will provide VETs in the manufacturing sector, focusing on Connectivity Devices and Services/CDS (IoT in smart manufacturing). The CDS field deals with the ability to connect services and devices to central controlling applications or a remote operator. The vision of the Talentjourney project is to “design a collaborating and engaging ecosystem where everyone can grow into a satisfied person and successful professional”. This platform will build on excellence by providing top skills in CDS and innovative approaches that will develop talents.

The main activities of the project will be the identification of skills gaps; the design, implementation and testing of trainings and tutoring; and the establishment of an ecosystem of EU and regional stakeholders focused on knowledge-sharing and networking. Talentjourney will adopt a human/user centred approach: the end users (learners) are supported by tutors and other stakeholders in developing their talents. Specifically, the project will adopt digital tools to allow flexibility in learning (for instance, by receiving tutorship from tutor in any countries), while offering personalized and user-friendly instruments. The fundamental idea is to transform knowledge stocks into knowledge flows.

The main target group of the project refers to the end users (learners, VET teachers/tutors, company trainers/experts, researchers). They will gain knowledge flows inside IVET and CVET and obtain practical training in a digital/virtual context, becoming co-creators of innovative regional and international environment. The second target group to benefit from the project will be organizations, such as VET providers, companies, associations of employers, employment services, innovation and research actors, regional authorities, etc. While organizations are expected to become co-creators of the Platform for CDS excellence, they will eventually obtain a talent pool of skilled employees and tutors, fostering a better economy in their region. The third target group refers to EU and national authorities and associations, such as governments, policy makers, national VET institutions, national associations of employers, relevant EU associations and EU manufacturing sector. They will be involved in the main activities of the project from the perspective of policy decision. For example, these actors will learn how to design policies for a better responsiveness of VET to the current needs of the EU manufacturing industry. Talentjourney project will be offered also to relevant actors outside EU, which represent the fourth target group.

The Interreg Europe project Talentjourney comprises a complex stakeholders ecosystem that is connected with similar initiatives and projects. Many partners are already involved in initiatives and projects linked to the manufacturing sector, especially to the modernisation of this sector. To sustain the Talentjourney project, those initiatives will be linked to this since they are complementary to its objective.


Funding Quote: 


Project Total Grant: 78,960.00 €

Funding Programme:




Šolski center Nova Gorica (Slovenia)

Šolski center Kranj (Slovenia)

Šolski center Velenje (Slovenia)

CPI (Slovenia)

Mahle EDS (Slovenia)

SATAEDU (Finland)

SAMK (Finland)

TPS (Estonia)

Estonian Electronics Industries Association (Estonia)

European Institute for Innovation – Technology e.V. (Germany)

Park (Germany)

ECIPA (Italy)

ITI Malignani (Italy)


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Project objectives

The objectives of the Talentjourney project are to:

Providing VET in the manufacturing sector, focusing on Connectivity Devices and Services (CDS), through a human/user centred approach and the establishment of an ecosystem of EU and regional stakeholders

Designing a collaborating and engaging ecosystem to develop talents.