Operational Team


Geopolitical Strategist


Geopolitical risk analysis brings together macroeconomic research and political assumptions in order to assess the impact of external parameters on investment decisions. It highlights the implications of erroneous assumptions on investor decisions.  EIfI-Tech experts, through conference calls and client meetings, provide real-time analysis of specific geopolitical themes or issues and estimate their impact on investments to be undertaken.


RTD Performers


EIfI-Tech operates as a Research and Technological Development (RTD) hub reshaping the applied technologies ecosystem with the support of high level scientists and/or technology developers performing at world-class level. Through our network of excellent researchers and developers, we have earned a significant reputation for the progress of science and technology and the spreading of innovation in making our planet a better place to live and prosper.  We are working with state-of-the-art knowledge providers bringing innovative ideas to investments on ICT, energy, electricity, food production, water management, housing, human resources assessment/development, health and education.


Business Partners


Perceptual differences correlated with management practices, data from customer interactions, social-media feedback and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the tools for investment in developing and designing new products, reducing complexity, and boosting value. EIfI-Tech works with international networks of SME clusters and incubators that allow our clients to expand successfully in the international market arena. We understand that individual entrepreneurial inspiration can only be realised through the power of collaboration. The EIfI-Tech represents a gathering of knowledgeable economists, industrialists, accountants, business administrators, sociologists, psychologists, engineers and architects. EIfI-Tech speaks many business languages and represents a full spectrum of possibilities, leading the way to intelligent and meaningful solutions for our partners.


Management Partners


The EIfI-Tech team has multicultural managerial backgrounds that allow the transfer of knowledge to partner networks for developing and effectively running their SMEs, public administrations and non-governmental organisations. The quintessential strength in our partnership is to create, transfer, share and apply management knowledge in operating successfully the partners’ business ecosystems. EIfI-Tech assumes the role of knowledge transfer based on study and practical experience, including knowledge of effective ways of acting in various management situations. We advise partners on how to stay away from general trends and thoroughly understand changes in the economic environment, to identify common causes of problems with excellent chances of finding solutions, to see and seize new opportunities.


ICT Experts


Experts on information and communications technologies (ICT), EIfI-Tech offers key technical solutions, influencing strategic decisions of private SMEs and public institutions. EIfI-Tech provides tactical advisory services pertaining to business planning, product and service policy definition, technical support, process reengineering and technology vendors selection. Our collaborations include business management and finance, transportation, transportation and mobility operations, power and utilities and integrated energy trading platforms.



Citizen Science Experts


EIfI-Tech has a special interest in citizen science and its potential uses. EIfI-Tech is involved in project seeking to identify implementation needs and challenges, to conceptualise pathways through which community citizen science could achieve policy and community impacts and to elucidate challenges that might impede people from achieving their goals. EIfI-Tech considers citizen scientists as a great tool for disaster response and recovery, and we are involved in projects that identify specific considerations for community citizen science implementation and impacts.



Project Managers


EIfI-Tech project management experts initiate, plan, execute, control and conclude the work of private and public groups in the field of sustainable development. The EIfI-Tech project management team achieves specified goals and meets success criteria under highly varied circumstances and environments in a global context. With the support of technology and a network of brilliant experts in the field, our team undertakes and completes the realisation of projects entailing institutional re-engineering, IT development, state-of-the-art telecommunications, innovative built environment applications, energy systems improvement, innovative transportation, engineering and construction, natural resources management, sustainable agriculture, and research data analysis and interpretation.


Development Partners


The EIfI-Tech team is made up of pioneers in designing new projects and developing new products and services in manufacturing, ICT, RES, transportation, agribusinesses, financing, pharmaceuticals and hospitals, trading and retail.  EIfI-Tech creates the teams that invest and support start-ups and thematic clusters across the EU, North America, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.


Design Agency


The EIfI-Tech approach entails a variety of techniques from different disciplines, paying attention to details in order to meet partner-specific needs and qualities. The EIfI-Tech meets each project’s challenges with creativity, innovation, expertise and the experience required to successfully build state-of-the art industrial, commercial, public and private ecosystems. We work closely with partners aspiring to design and manufacture top quality objects, tools, and instruments. EIfI-Tech offers international patent rights legal consultancy with international know-how and experience.


PR Managers


Our experts specialise in planning and coordinating the creation of communication material that will maintain or enhance the public image of partners. As fundraising managers, EIfI-Tech coordinates campaigns that bring in donations to public and private entities around the globe.  EIfI-Tech has supported in the development of the corporate image and identity of many partners, always promoting excellence and innovation across all levels of services and product development. The operational team devises advertising and promotion programmes by applying cognitive approaches in promoting top-quality products and services in an international context. EIfI-Tech is comprised of experts in measuring progress towards achieving partners fundraising goals, and we develop and carry out fund-raising strategies, events and meetings with donors. EIfI-Tech applys for grants, and we assign, supervise and review the relevant activities of staff.


Media Partners


EIfI-Tech produces press releases and prepare information for the media effectively, especially in the digital environment. We support and train company spokespersons or information sources for media inquiries.  Our partners learn to communicate effectively with the public about company or institutional project or product developments. Through our newsletters, we promote excellence and innovation in planning, designing, manufacturing, trading, and living around the world. We enjoy sharing some of the best practices in the global markets clearly improving the working and living conditions of people.