About the project




VIOLET addresses a common challenge among EU regions, home to a building stock of important traditional buildings. These buildings are an asset not only to residents, but also to various industries that sustain European economies, such as cultural tourism and ICT. The challenge is to create a building culture that is sympathetic to modern requirements of reinstatement and conservation for improved energy usage and reduced carbon emissions, without endangering architectural heritage. Without this forward-looking policy change, traditional buildings that are now a valuable asset could become a burden in the near future.


Eligible Budget:  1.300.513,-€

ERDF Funding: 1.089.000,-€

Funding Quote: 83%



European Institute for Innovation Technology e.V.


Cyprus Energy Agency

The Public Enterprise for Social Housing and Refurbishment in Andalusia,
Regional Ministry of Public Works andHousing

Municipality of Middelburg

Local Energy and Climate Agency


Funding Programme

Interreg Europe Programme

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Project Objectives

The projects objectives are the following:


Create longterm, everexpanding networks in this field, through local and interregional Communities of Practice.

Technological and nontechnological solutions for energy efficiency renovation.

Develop 5 Action Plans to improve ERDF and local policy instruments on energy efficiency in traditional buildings.

Application of monitoring tools and capacity building.

Sustainable development, on growth and job creation as well as preservation of EU cultural heritage.